Specialty Programs




WINTER & SPRING BREAK CAMPS:   Friendship Circle Winter & Spring Break Camp is an action packed, fun filled three days which allow children with special needs ages 5 -15 the opportunity to taste the camp experience while enjoying field trips, music, crafts, special performances and much more. Camps take place during both Winter & Spring Break School Holidays.

Transform your vacation into an unforgettable experience!!

LIFESKILLS: Lifeskills is a program specifically designed for children ages 10-17 that familiarizes them with current and future real life situations, and teaches them the needed skills and appropriate responses.



SPECIAL STRIDES:Special Strides is a therapeutic horseback riding program where through experiencing life on a farm the children’s’ confidence us built. This program takes place twice a year, each session runs for five consecutive weeks and is for children ages 5- 16.

LEAGUES: Leagues is a fun way for children with special needs ages 6- 17 to experience a variety of recreational activities without the full term commitment. Depending on your choice, children have the ability to learn dance, yoga, woodworking, cooking, photography, cheerleading, sports & fitness and so much more. 

FRIENDSHIP CAFE:   Friendship Cafe is a branch of Lifeskills, where children, ages 10-17, “take over” a local restaurant, help serve and seat customers and take their orders.