“Every child is a precious soul – an entire world – worthy of love, laughter, nurturing and connection”

Your valued support will enable us to reach yet another child; to open our arms to yet another family; to get yet another vital program off the ground. The rewards of your generosity will be readily apparent within the smiles on the once-forlorn faces of children and within the relief of the once-pained hearts of parents. You will introduce joy and hope to situations once filled with great sadness and despair. You can help change so many “worlds”. What greater good than that?

Indeed, the real beauty of the Friendship Circle is that it has so many winners: The children with special-needs, their families, the teenage volunteers, the staff members and the benevolent supporters. All are part of this seamless circle of giving and sharing. We open our hearts and share the blessings of life with one another as we realize that to give — and to do so with love — is the noblest of all endeavors.

Please open your heart and join the circle…

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