Friendship Circle Presidency

As presidents, Friendship Circle volunteers will be given an opportunity to learn more about the special needs population and the different umbrellas that it encompasses. They will receive appropriate training and work hands-on with the Friendship Circle children and volunteers. Under qualified supervision, the presidents will use this knowledge and apply it to create special events and/or activities for volunteers and their special friends geared towards the specific needs of the children & teens.

"When I first joined the Friendship Circle, I didn't realize how appropriately named it was; I didn't yet understand what deep and meaningful friendships I would form via Friendship Circle.

Although I had been involved in other organizations involving members with special needs before, I had never been a part of something as unique or that had as much of an impact as the Friendship Circle- all the events were carefully planned and executed, full of activities and prizes fun for all ages.

Each holiday provided a new opportunity to educate and engage the kids while allowing teens to bond with them. Not only that, but the Friends At Home program allowed me personally to form a friendship with a another girl, the same age as me in my community, whom I might not have otherwise had the privilege to hang out with.

Friendship Circle to me is a very special and dear organization that truly makes our community better and more connected."