Mitzvah Volunteer Program, for boys and girls grades 6th & 7th , is a program that will teach the art of giving, volunteering and making a difference in your community and the world today. 

The Friendship Circle Mitzvah Volunteer program is a perfect way for kids to prepare for their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah and qualifies as a Mitzvah Project. Over the course of 5 weeks the young teens will learn about various disabilities through  hands on activities, inspirational speakers, multimedia presentations and other interactive avenues. Upon finishing all 5 weeks the children will implement everything they have learnt in an event planned exclusively by them for some of our children with special needs. 

The Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle is a local non profit organizations that assists children, teens and adults with special needs. Through creative, and Judaic programming, innovative events, friendship, home visits and more we help build and foster relationships between the volunteers and their special buddies.


The cost of this program is $10 for all 5 sessions. To register your child for our Mitzvah Volunteer program please fill out the form below. For more information, please call Chana at: 954-408-1997

Community service hours will be given for attending this program.

Schedule for MVP:

Week 1- Mitzvah Theme: Body & Soul – How it relates to children who have special needs. (Guf U’ Neshama)

Disability Of the Week: Cerebral Palsy

Week 2- Mitzvah Theme:  One Good deed leads to another  (Mitzvah Gorreret Mitzvah)

Disability Of the Week: Autism & Asperger Syndrome

Week 3-  Mitzvah Theme: Think before you act. Your actions and words make a big impact.

Disability Of the Week: Down’s Syndrome

Week 4-  Mitzvah Theme: Importance of Time. Use your time wisely. Every minute has a purpose and can be used towards good.

Disability Of the Week: Tourette Syndrome

Week 5-  Mitzvah Theme: Benefit of the doubt. Looking beyond a person’s disability (Dan Lekaf Zechut)

Disability Of the Week: ADD/ ADHD